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Zaio Goals
August 31st, 2008 9:06 AM

Respect for the Public's Privacy

Zaio's goal is to create a public domain image of real property from the street. Zaio never collects personally identifiable information about anyone. Zaio's personal information policy has been carefully designed to ensure its operations and activities adhere to the highest standards of privacy. Zaio does not collect or identify property owner, tenant, resident, or other information about individuals. All photos are taken from a public vantage point and photographers never trespass on private property. Photos of people or identifiable objects will not be taken and all digital images are examined to ensure that personal information has not been erroneously included. Should a property owner express a preference for non-inclusion in the database, Zaio will honor that request. Property owners can automatically remove their property by clicking the "Remove My Property" link above. All Photographers who work with Zaio must pass a police record check and can be identified by an official Zaio identification badge.

GeoPic Database Use

GeoPic is licensed for business use by real estate boards, banks and insurance companies. Zaio manages and monitors access to the residential database and has installed measures to ensure its security. Only those with a legitimate requirement for a photo are given access.

Community Support

GeoPic may be used free of charge by the police, fire and emergency service departments. This can help emergency service providers respond to an emergency more quickly by making visual images available to dispatch centers and responding units before rescuers arrive at the scene of a call. By using GeoPic images, emergency services personnel have an accurate, assessment of properties in question and can plan their response accordingly.

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