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Residential Solar Energy Is The Way To Go
July 26th, 2011 4:37 PM

Over the past two years, our family had been searching for the right solar company to purchase our first electrical solar system. With the rebates the government were providing, it seemed to make perfect sense to make a move now, while the rebates were still offered and worthy. Countless hours were expended meeting with various solar companies; none of them had a plan that fit our budget; most had graduating lease payment plans that rendered any future benefit of owning solar useless. We had mostly given up the search and resigned ourselves to the fact we weren't going to be able to go green!


And then one day we found GCI. Quite frankly I don't recall whether it was a mail advertisement or email, but I decided to give them a call. We were already leery and didn't want to waste too much time; it took several calls and rescheduled meetings before we finally sat down with a representative.


What I thought would be less than an hour quickly turned into three. We found that GCI used the best equipment (panels) currently available, we wouldn't have a big panel next to the current electrical box because each panel had its own controllers, we would have software to monitor the system whenever we wanted, the cost was very reasonable and most importantly, we could buy the system under financial terms we could afford. And all for the price of what we were averaging in our monthly electric bill or less. We gave it the overnight test and decided the next day to purchase the system from GCI.


Since that day, GCI took control. They reviewed the roofing for placement, developed plans and specs, obtained permits for the panels from our local city planning department and scheduled the installation, all in about a 3 week period. We were amazed.


The installation was completed in one day; everything from the roof installation to the electrical connections with a licensed electrician. Conduit runs were professionally installed and hidden where possible, and the conduit was painted to match our house color. On top of that, there were a few tiles on the roof in various areas that were broken (not from them either), that GCI replaced for us free of charge when they came out for the final construction inspection with the city.


The final inspection was short and sweet. The inspector found everything to his satisfaction.


The day of installation as I talked with the electrician while he was nearing the final hookup, we noted by a quick test that the system was already producing more electricity than the current use in the house at around 4PM. We could see the arrow on the digital meter reverse course. That's something to smile about!


Along the way, GCI has made everything easy for us. The folks in the various departments we've worked with throughout the process are all friendly, respectful and committed to providing the best service they can. We are excited about getting the final step completed. It looks like the longest part of the whole purchase is waiting for the switch over from the electric company. Guess they want to ring that last drop of money out of us before we get the upper hand. (:>)

My only regret is that we didn't find GCI sooner. Don't make the same mistake. It will be worth your time; and it will increase the value of your home significantly. Take it from us. We value residential properties thurout the Inland Empire and Los Angeles basin.

David Moore

Moore Appraisals



UPDATE: Our system has been accepted by and approved for generation by SCE; it is now on and operating. In the next couple of months, I'll post to let everyone know how our electric bill is looking now! Meanwhile we will be glad to answer any questions. Just call our office. DM

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So excited I found this article as it made things much qcuiker!

Posted by Monkey on September 4th, 2011 11:07 AM


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