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July 15th, 2008 4:05 PM

Careful collection of data a boon to local emergency services

As we work to provide thorough, up-to-date profiles of residential properties throughout the United States, we’ve observed considerable inaccuracy in existing municipal property databases. With Zaio’s input, this mass of information is being fine-tuned and errors corrected. An ancillary benefit is the potential use of the data, free of charge, by local police, fire and medical services. Access to Zaio’s GeoPic™ images will also mean that units can be alerted to a visual reference before arriving at the scene of a call.

It’s important to note that Zaio never collects personally identifiable information. Zaio’s privacy policy was developed to respect and protect the public, while ensuring good corporate citizenship. We do not identify property owners, tenants or residents, or collect information about these individuals. All photos are taken from a public vantage point and photographers never trespass onto private property.

Zaio conducts a manual review of every photograph to ensure no people are visible and that no personal information has inadvertently been captured. Our photographers remain on the street and the police are advised in advance of all photo shoots. Furthermore, our database is not generally accessible to the public.

All Zaio photographers must pass a police record check, and are required to wear ID badges. They maintain a dialogue with local enforcement agencies to ensure they are aware of Zaio’s presence in their community. Photographers are coached on dealing with the public and carry printed information to share with interested homeowners.

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